Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Installment #3

the best present was grandma!
we had such a nice visit together :)

Traveling Back In Time To Mid December

rose tree park christmas display :)

Longwood Gardens

grammy, daddy, mommy and i visited longwood gardens
right after the new year. it was fabulous with all the
christmas lights, water fountains, children's garden
and flowers.
the children's garden was filled with tons of fun
water fountains!

and beautifully decorated christmas trees.

i liked it so much it made me want to skip and dance
all the way back to the car!

Two Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

luckily none of them fell off or bumped their heads!
Monkey #1: cousin TJ
Monkey #2: yours truely

Kehlers Gym

* static*

having fun with daddy

Penguin Backpack

i love my penguin backpack that i got at
christmas from angelo, amy and jake :)
i'm ready to go to scool!

Pottery Barn Kids Store

alright shoppers, move out of my way!
there are so many cute things in here to buy
with post christmas prices!
move, move, MOVE!
can i be in a pottery barn catalog?

Windy NY Winter Day

wheeeee! we are holding on for dear life!
poor grant, he looks like he is surrendering
to the wind!

Christmas at Grandpa and Grammy Debbie's House

the fraser clan singing christmas carols
with the help of an awsome piano player.
boy did we have a great christmas at grandpa and
grammy debbie's house. here we all are left to right
daddy, me, mommy, uncle eric, aunt brianne (holding tali),
great grandpa, nana, grammy debbie, grandpa,
uncle mike, aunt colleen, grant, aunt meg and keira.

sugar plums :)