Saturday, August 19, 2006

Happy Days

Family fun time in Philadelphia

YAY! Grandma and Granddad Great have a 60th wedding anniversay get together on August 13th in Philadelphia! Here also is Becky's mom, Aunt Phyllis, Aunt Pam, and Uncle Lev.

Here we all are having wonderful food and conversation. It was so nice to get together especially since we are all from so far apart (New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Garmish Germany). We may not have made the Spirit of Philadelphia, but we think that the last minute plan for lunch turned out much better :)

Aren't cousins the BEST! Well, ours are anyway. Here we have Jenner, Elizabeth, Kristen, Becky, Dori, Kimberly and Ty in the middle. We are missing Meg and Chip however :(

Here you go Meg, a belly shot at 27 wks :) Here we have a generation picture with Grandma and Granddad Great and their great grandchildren (even the unborn) Courtney, Kale, Cody, Brooke, and Sidney. EmmaLeigh and Keira were there also in our thoughts.

Places always change, but the memories live on...

On our way home from visiting Grandma K, Jackie, Aunt Meg, Uncle Brian, and cousing Keira, we decided to stop and walk down memory lane. In this picture we are looking at where Pat's dorm used to be (just at the start of the large brick building to the right), and Becky's dorm used to be all the way up the walkway to the right hand side. UDel did a great job rebuilding the dorms! Construction is still going on, however all should be done by the start of school. Becky tried to peak into one of the ground level dorm windows but got stuck in mud! Yuck!

This is a newly constructed "sky walk" that makes getting from the new dorms to the campus a whole lot easier. In the distance Christiana Towers still stands but just before that is one of the first "new" dorms built. Pat and Becky both agree that all the new constructions sure does look nice even though we will never see our "meeting place" the way it was other than in our memories :(

Visiting with Aunt Meg, Uncle Brian, and cousin Keira

While on our stroll through Wheaton Regional Park we spotted a beautiful fairy and her sleeping newborn. It was a very hot day and we suspect she was just taking a rest in the shade of the woods. I just love this picture of Aunt Meg and Keira!

We had such a nice time visiting with baby Keira. She is the sweetest little girl and we can't wait to see her again... hopefully at Christmas :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Becky and Pat (24 weeks pregnant)

Sorry everyone, we have been neglecting our blog site for a while but look for more blogs to come soon. we have been very busy with friends and family and have lots more pictures to show. here we are 24 weeks pregnant and doing great. becky has virtually no ill signs during her pregnanct and baby courtney is doing fine. a real "wiggle worm" :) daddy really likes to feel her move at bedtime.