Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

we went on a hayride to see the witch...
then roasted marshmellows and drank cider :)

carving pumkins is a messy job to do!

but i loved it anyway!

here is the end result!

A Weekend At The Poconos

we went to the poconos with lapierre family for a
fabulous weekend and celebrated jake's and my
birthday all together :)
sunday was a beautiful day to go to boulder field.

i'm really good at climbing across these rocks

Aquarium Fun

TJ's 3rd Birthday

gotta love the wonder pets!

we had a great time!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

just as i thought, me :)

3rd Birthday!

blowing out candles is fun to do!

princess cake is yum yum yummy!

i got myself some new wheels!

see you later!
new mommy

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fun With Grandma and Blueberries

grandma and gj know to stock up on blueberries
when i come to visit. they are the BEST!

First Fire of the Year

it was a bit chilly out so daddy surprised me
with a fire in the fireplace! i LOVED it!

Longwood Gardens

i never knew there were so many different kinds of pumpkins!
grammy and i just HAD to check it out!

Growing Up

my favorite pair of shoes

....Continuation of Narragansett

we had a grand time biking around narragansett

aw! grandpa and grammie debbie

riding the carousel in providence, RI

life is just beachy :)

mmmmm, s'mores!
snuggle time for mommy and daddy

grandpa is so silly! i loved the waves and water!
thank you grandpa and grammie debbie
for getting totally soaked with me :)