Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Love Playing the Piano

mommy let's me play the piano when she is done practicing.
i especially love the lower keys.
how do i tell mommy that she needs to get the piano tuned?
it's pretty bad :(
i just wish that i was a little bit taller....

Holloween Came Early....

just goofing around with mommy's new holloween wig :)
don't i look good as a blonde?

Car Show with Grandpop on his Birthday...

sep 21, 2007


for all our friends and family interested in seeing pictures of me in texas, please visit my cousin keira's blog @ i'm sorry that i have not had the chance to add the pictures to my blog, however they would be repeats of the pictures on keira's. enjoy :)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Strasburg Railroad

here we are riding the train in strasburg, pa. it was a beautiful day on 9-2-07.

cousin tj and i enjoyed playing on a train more our size.

Hershey park!

" we're all together again, we're soaked we're soaked!"- in song
this was the end of the day and everyone except courtney was drenched.
check out the wet lines on pants.
anyway, we had an absolutley fabulous day! good thinking grandma!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (nice face jackie!)

where is the horn? i wanna annoy everyone...

grandma this is nice, but what is that fast looking
train thingy i see over there? now THAT looks fun!

oh, that's a shame.... those poor people are about to get drenched!
oh wait! i know those people! uh oh.

Bethany Beach with the Family

i'm a little beach girl.... LOVE the sand!

have you seen the really hot life guard?
i know he is around here somewhere!
please stay tuned for more pictures of this vacation
we took from 8-21-07 to 8-26-07 to bethany beach, de.