Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nanny D's 92nd birthday 7/9/06

Here we all are (well most of us) enjoying good family time together for nanny's 92nd birthday. She will outlive us all :)

Becky (22wks), Mom D and Jenn (24wks)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rafting on the Genesee River with Daddy and Debbie

We had a chance to stop at a beautiful waterfall.

Pat and Debbie manned the front of the raft while daddy did the steering from the back. Becky did plenty of paddling as well as picture taking. We all got a little wet and enjoyed watching the other rafters get stuck on the rocks and splash each other with their paddles.

We had fabulous weather and wonderful time. What a perfect little weekend :)

Fraser Family Reunion June 23-25

Clare sure was the big little fishergirl reeling one in after another! Thank goodness Daddy Eddie was there to get the fish off the hooks :)

Here Pat is warming up to fishing in Canada where he will catch huge bass ;-) Good job honey!

Hello Grandpa F and Sara. It's always nice to see a good sense of humor.