Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bath time buddies!

boy i sure had a lot of fun splish splashing with my cousin!
he's almost better at spashing that i am, but not quite :)

two cuties all wrapped up.

TJ came to visit....

haha paris hilton! at least we get to leave jail within a couple of minutes.
our infraction is drinking and driving mommy and daddy crazy without a license!

aunt jenn and uncle tommy were parrot heads off to see jimmy buffett and tj got to spend some time with mommy, daddy and me. we went for a walk to the park where we played on the swings and jungle gym. he even got to spend the night with us! YAY!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nanna's gift to me :)

nanna made me a beautiful and soft blanket with kitties all over it.
today was nice so mommy and i played outside on it :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day lunch at Keuka Lake

Sun hat....

saturday i spent the day at loon lake with john & cookie clifford,
grandpa & debbie, mommy & daddy.
yum yum this rope tastes... like lake water :P

Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY with Grandpa and Debbie

here i am at the butterfly exhibit at the museum. butterflies were everywhere!
i loved to see all their colors!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

goofing around with mommy

Weekend at Grandma's!

grandma and jackie found a great toy for me and keira and grant to play with! it is a bug that plays music and lights up and rolls around... so much fun!

i got to help jackie find a geocache, actually two of them! well okay, perhaps the dogs were more of a help than i was, but i really enjoyed the sights!

whew was it hot! thank goodness grandma and jackie had such a great pool. looks like i made the doggies jealous. don't feel too bad for them though, they got to jump in after i got out :) check out my bald spot! hehe, it is disappearing!

"look grandma, i can ride one handed!"
grandma got us grandkids another fabulous toy! the horsey plays music and everything. i just had the greatest time. isn't my outfit so cute? my favoritest girl cousin (hehe) has lent it to me. keira is so stylish!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Strawberry Festival at Linvilla Orchards

what a gorgeous day but very VERY hot. from left to right: erica with john, mommy and me, then aunt jenn and cousin tj. we saw all kinds of funny looking birds, deer, goats, and emu.

then we saw THIS funny looking bunch.... hehe :) john, katie, me, tj and aunt jenn. uncle tom is holding tj, grammy is holding me and erica is holding john.