Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blizzard of February 11-12, 2006

Can you even tell who this is? We got about 18" of snow! How beautiful everything is all covered in white :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Philadelphia's International Auto Show

Could this Mini Couper be Becky's next new car? She does seem to be enjoying herself. This day was so much fun starting with lunch with Sara and Brian at Maggiano's and then off to the Auto Show. So many great cars to sit in and dream about having, cause this is as close to being in one as we ever will be. Anyway, we are sorry that Tyler couldn't join us, but maybe next year :)

Philadelphia's International Auto Show

Pat looks like a pro on this BMW motorcycle! We had a blast at the Auto Show with Sara and Brian!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

More kitchen fun

Might as well show what the kitchen looked like DURING construction. . .

We also ripped out the exhaust fan we never used and ran electric from it for a light over the sink.

Our Hardwood Floors

This is upstairs in our house and the beginning of our 2nd big house project of redvamping our hardwood floors. This is Becky being a retard and having fun doing so :) Here you can see the horrible condition of the floor. The end result is beautiful. Come on by and see! Visitors welcome!
February 2006.

Our Kitchen Project

Here is Becky and Dad D helping paint our kitchen. This is our first big house project done in January 2006, 3 years after moving into the house. One would think that it would be easy enough to just paint the kitchen, however there was more involved. First we needed to fix the crack in the ceiling of the kitchen which led us to discover a leak in the plumbing above the ceiling and a weak wood beam. Then the dry wall needed to be redone on the ceiling 2 times, THEN we could finally paint. What was once a sterile white kitchen is now a beautiful green.

Christmas Portrait

The best help ever, no payment required.... well okay, kisses accepted.

Pat is such a trooper in helping decorate the tree! But besides that, he's really good at it! Becky put the lights on first, then the decoration marathon begins :) We got such a great tree this year and it was the first time it didn't come from the Home Depot. It was a balsam fir and shed a whole lot in the end, but it smelled great. Now when we run the vacuum cleaner we get that fresh Christmas pine smell.

Christmas time!

No mistletoe needed for this picture. Boy are we enjoying our digital camera :)

Traveling Back in Time to October

Look how comfortable Pat is holding baby Tyler on his birthday! What a precious little boy, we are so excited for Sara and Brian! October 16th, 2005.

Hello to you from Rebecca and Pat

After viewing such wonderful sites from my sis Meg and cousin Kristen, I realized that it was so much fun seeing what they are up to. Since Pat and I are not so good with communicating with family by phone, perhaps we could keep up with this. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are up to and encourage our family and friends to start their own sites. Here we go......