Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New House....

our new home, or as we call it "the big house"

MUCH needs to be done to update this house.
how do you like the tiled mirror wall?

i love demolition!

daddy be careful!

grandpa is great at entertaining me while
everyone else works
boppy needs a break!

grammy does great trim painting

grammy debbie painting my closet
(it looks like pepto pink!)

mommy painting my room

our new tile floor in the kitchen looks so nice!


day two of marvella and dave's wedding...
we went to the reception at kennywood amuzement park!
daddy and i rode the old fashioned cars, then mommy ran
out of battery for the camera. oops! this is all the pictures we have....

Marvella and Dave's Wedding

mommy's best friend marvella married dave on memorial day weekend.
it was a beautiful time! marvella was a beautiful princess
i too was feeling the love that day... for william that is... :)

happy little family
here is a better picture of my princess dress...
thanks grandma!

Niagara On The Lake

for one whole week i was put to work and forced to
spend time with grandpa and grammy debbie!
actually i had a wonderful time... can i go back again soon?
mommy and daddy's first vacation together alone since before i was born!
boy did they have a great time eating, drinking, sightseeing, drinking...
catch the drift? hehe!
mommy caught a postcard picture!

here they are horse back riding. mommy is riding
molson and daddy is riding lex. daddy's horse
wasn't very user friendly...

hiking along the niagara river. behind mommy and daddy
is devil's hole! super dangerous waters! they also went for
a jet-boat tour that took them into the rapids. what a great
vacation! i wonder if they missed me? (yes, we did!)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dear Friends and Family

It sure has been a long time since we posted pictures! Mommy and Daddy have been super busy with vacation to Niagara on the Lake, me on vacation at Gramdpa and Grammy Debbie's house, and putting our new house together, that it seems there is no time! Don't worry, we should be getting back to normal pretty soon with our daily routines with plenty of pictures to post! :) We have however been checking out everyone else's blogs and are thoroughly enjoying the pictures! Miss you all!